Megacity Basketball 3PT Contest brought to you by ON POINT BASKETBALL


By Chris Bongolan

When it is all said and done, the participant who finds their CONFIDENCE and CATCHES FIRE will likely be the winner this weekend. The best shooters in the ADVANCED Division go at it in the Megacity Basketball 3PT Contest brought to you by ON POINT BASKETBALL, let’s take a look at staff predictions on who will win it.

7:50pm - Three Point Shootout (Warm-Up)
8:00pm – Three Point Shootout (2-3 Rounds)


Atil Williams

Norman Penola


Quincy Adams

Justin Carandang

Chad Bewley


Rahul De Golder

Kinkay Smith

Jason Bitton

Michael Husbands


Ryan Shepherd

Jeremy Machula

Josh Collins

Good luck to all contestants and may be the best shooter be ON POINT!!!

Megacity Basketball 3PT Contest brought to you by ON POINT BASKETBALL

By Chris Bongolan

When it is all said and done, the participant who finds their CONFIDENCE and CATCHES FIRE will likely be the winner this weekend. The best shooters in the REC Division go at it in the Megacity Basketball 3PT Contest brought to you by ON POINT BASKETBALL, let’s take a look at staff predictions on who will win it.

4:45pm - Three Point Shootout (Warm-Up)

4:55pm – Three Point Shootout (2-3 Rounds)


Kinkay Smith (Jets)

Larry Chua (Monarchs)

Nima Baeidfar (Bulls)


Chris Lalata (Monarchs)

Michael Sobrepena (Boomshakalaka)

Steve Minatel (Uptown Ballers)

Jon Phan (Blue La-Goons)


Daniel Theodore (Jets)

Yushi Muira (Bulls)

Jeff Landicho (Team Hangout)

Hastings Harriot (Anarchy)

Peter Stauskas (The City)

Jim Bryan Gorospe (Boomshakalaka)


Stephen Javelosa (Blue La-Goons)
Alex Faubert (Angry Buddha)
Yusef Abdulla (Wolf Pack)
Anish Bhallah (Wolf Pack)
Mohamed Swaray (Bullets)
Valid Nadi (Boomshakalaka)

Good luck to all contestants and may the best shooter prevail!


By Chris Bongolan

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a great basketball mind and the topic of Derrick Rose came up and his performance at the 2014 FIBA BASKETBALL WORLD CUP.

Here are his numbers.

MIN: 17.0

PPG: 4.8

FG: 25% (15-59)

3PT FG: 5% (1-19)

FT: 80% (12-15)

AST: 3.1

TO: 2.0

I am not too concerned about his numbers to be honest, even though the 5% from 3PT definitely does not look promising. It was great to see him fly and rise in his many TEAM USA highlights at FIBA, but I personally do not think Rose should mimic his old playing style, as the 82 games in a NBA season will definitely take a toll on his body.

At this point in his career and with missing nearly two seasons due to injuries, I think Rose needs to adjust his game by improving his passing ability and making his jumper deadly, especially coming off a pick because he is still fast and explosive.  

The reality is that Rose may only know one way in relation to his playing style, which is no fault at all, as his physical gifts and work ethic is what catapulted himself to NBA stardom in the first place. But, sometimes injuries do more pain mentally than physically over the course of loss time, as the rehab and overall clouded doubt can linger in one’s mind beyond rehabilitation and healing.

What do you think? Do you think he should regain his old form or does he need to make the transformation that will build longevity and more of an overall complete game? If there was a playing style to model his game around, what player would you suggest to model?

Let us know what you think. 

#megacitybasketball #onandoffthecourt #MBneverstops


By Chris Bongolan

The Skills Competition showcases Megacity Basketball’s top talent in both the Recreational and Advanced Division, particularly, when it comes to “Under the Rim” play. The competition will feature an obstacle course that each participant will go up against one another and the individual with the best recorded time will be awarded the winner.

This year, we have a lot of new faces mixed in with some regulars, what will be the leading story at this year’s event? Will the experienced players have the upper edge or will the new era prove to be too much for the veterans?

In my personal opinion, the experience will be huge as mentally you will be better prepared on knowing what it takes to win the event. But, if the newer faces are motivated and hungry, it can honestly be anyone’s game to win.

Overall, the difference maker will be whoever gets “lucky”, but if you train and practice to win the event, you will put yourself in a good position, as this event will test your speed, shot, and ball handling capabilities. You can tell right away who takes winning serious versus the players that just want to run through the course. If you put in the work, good results will come thru. Good luck to all participants!

Let’s take a look at our staff predictions on will be the leading candidates to win this year’s Skills Competition.


4:05pm – Skills Competition (Warm-Up)
4:15pm - Skills Competition (2 Rounds)


J Henry Valmadrid (Mill Street Monday)

Cham Sangar (Trojans)

Michael Sobrepena (Boomshakalaka)


Larry Chua (Monarchs)

Idrees Karimzadeh (Anarchy)

Nicholas Cruz (Jets) 


Ron Pacis (Trojans)

Martin Cruz (Jets)


Nader Benito (Wolves)
Andre Kolar (Wolve)
Paul Moncrieffe (Blue La-Goons)
Isidro Pascua Jr. (Tropic Thunder)
Jermaine Rattray (Wolf Pack)
Mustafe Adan (Wolf Pack)


7:30pm – Skills Competition (Warm-Up)
7:35pm - Skills Competition (2 Rounds)


Anthony Guada (Stealth)

Nick Macera (Sky Hawks)


Trevor Mann (The North)

Nolan Gooding (Stealth)

Jordan Marlowe (Sky Hawks)


Yirenchi Dodi (Northside)
Jordan Wynter (Fully Loaded)  


Norman Penola (Dream Team)
Jason Demecais (X-Men)


Let’s take a look back when 2 time Skills Competition Champion Chris Bongolan won the event back in 2010, #MBfact Bongolan actually holds the record for fastest time, as he blazed through the course with the record breaking time of 20 seconds.


MB Final Four

By Chris Bongolan


Arguably, the favorite going into the season and heading into the playoffs.  They have sustained consistent success by playing suffocating defense and keeping opponents well below their comfort level on offense, as they are no doubt the best in the league in defense. They have the best closer in the league in Aaron Duncan and they have the experience to go all the way, as this team has the championship experience. 


  1. Aaron Duncan, the best one on one player in the league. PERIOD
  2. Atil Williams, the guy that will do everything and anything. One of the teams best rebounder and perimeter scorer
  3. Matt Ziobrowski, this piece may be the piece that this team has been longing for, can he produce on the game biggest stage? Only time will tell…


Layne,Morris, Elcock, Bucknell, Francis

All MB veterans excluding Layne, all know how to win and will do everything to win. Enough said. They know the importance as this team’s mentality is “championship or bust”.

MBprediction   - FAVORITE

Defense wins championships…

Fully Loaded

They have the experience and IQ to go all the way, as the core group have been playing in Megacity for a number of seasons. They are one of the best defensive teams in the MB Final Four, as they have lock down defenders on the perimeter and paint, but the Achilles heel this Sunday may be their scoring, as their main scorer will not be dressed and if any game gets close in the end, they may struggle lacking that “Go-to” player in the final moments. If they can find a rhythm early and get production from Mitchell, Kwasi, and Machulla they can go all they way, the only question is will they be able to produce?


  1. Bryan Mitchell aka B’Mitch will need to come up big, if he can repeat his performance last week his team will be in a great position to take it all.
  2. Kwasi Adu-Basowah is the team main offensive threat in the post, he needs to establish himself in the game early, look for Fully Loaded to go to him early on as he was on fire last week against Northside.
  3. Jeremy Machulla was the surprise last week, as he exploded with a team high 21 points last week. If he can find a groove by balancing with the bigs down low and getting teammates easy baskets, Fully Loaded will make it to the final at a minimum.


Wynter, Agyemang, Artwell Harriot, Perkins

These guys do all the things that usually never show up on the stat sheet, as they are the foundation of Fully Loaded’s defensive game. If they can lock down their matchups and contribute offensively, there is no doubt they go all the way.

MBprediction   - WILDCARD

There are a lot of “If’s” in their team analysis, as there are many variables that will have to go their way to go all the way. Again, if all does go right for them they can go all the way.


The one team out of all teams in the MB Final Four that can adjust to any style of play, whether it will be a low-scoring grind or a high octane offense, they can do it. Also, this was one of the few teams that can give headaches defensively, as their bigs can move and shoot like guards. Finally, their best player has an act of getting teammates easy looks and is one of the best leaders in MB, so it will be very tough to not picture this team in the final. The only concern is will the “others” be ready this Sunday, so we will just have to wait and see.


  1. Chad Bewley is likely the most challenging player to guard in the Sunday Advanced Division, as he can honestly do it all. His defense is not as comparable to his offensive game but his strengths and his intangibles, make up the difference for any shortcomings.
  2. Al Alilovic has been huge for Apocalypse this 2014 campaign, as he leads the team in rebounds and double doubles this season. Any success for Apocalypse will likely include a strong game from Alilovic.
  3. Nathan Carter is the floor general and the glue for this team, if he can show up and play a consistent on Sunday, the team will be good shape to winning it all.


Lemos, Collins, Francis

All these guys do different things as Lemos is the scorer, Collins is the facilitator, and Francis is the guy that does all the “dirty work” for the team, which is definitely what every championship team has… Only question can they step up on the biggest stage with all eyes on them?

MBprediction   - FAVORITE

This teams versatility will be the difference, but you never know what you’re going to get when the nerves start calling and when players are put in high pressure environments.


In terms of Megacity Basketball history, they are the team that should be considered the underdogs, as they are the lowest ranked seed coming into the MB Final Four. They finished fourth in the regular season and in their playoff matchup against the fifth seed Sky Hawks, it was a game that could have went both ways, eventually they pulled away in the final minutes with some great play on the defensive end, but on Sunday they will definitely need Guada, Gooding, and Saliha to produce and have great games.


  1. 2014 Co-MVP Anthony Guada did not have his best game in the quarters and he needs to do a much better job, if Stealth has any intentions into winning it all this Sunday.
  2. Nolan Gooding stepped up huge against Sky Hawks as the crafty lefty hit clutch baskets and key defensive stops at the end of the game. His experience is critical and his production will be a determining factor on how far Stealth goes.
  3. Saliha did not have his best game offensively, but he has earned the right to be considered one of the best bigs in the league. He controlled the paint with key blocks and great defense in the post, if he can get going and find a rhythm, Stealth will be in a very good position to take it all.


Adams, King, Henry, La Barrie

The following guys have had significant impacts during the 2014 campaign and Stealth will need them to step up, who will it be?

MBprediction   - UNDERDOGS

If the Stealth “Big Three” produce all at once, they can win it all. But they have to get past SWAT which they were dominated the last time they met. 


Good luck to all teams and may be best team win!

Chris Bongolan

Megacity Basketball Inc.

2014 FIBA WORLD CUP and #MBthankyou


By Chris Bongolan

The game has truly reached a global level with some highly competitive and strong play from all teams in the 2014 FIBA WORLD CUP. Not so long ago, this tournament used to be a TEAM USA onslaught, but now with the rise of basketball on an international level and with multiple NBA players on each national team, we are seeing this competitive gap edge closer every year.

With MB nearing it’s 5 year anniversary, we have not only been fortunate to showcase some of the best talent in the city, but we also have been very fortunate to gain international interest as the league was able to reach as far as Japan, Philippines, and Lithuania, based on feedback from individual free agents and players within the league.

Megacity Basketball has become a true reflection of the multicultural makeup of Toronto and for that we are truly blessed, thankful, and honored that all players, fans, league sponsors, and followers on our social media platforms have brought the league to heights that we could have only have dreamed in reaching. Our motivation and drive for the game is real, stay tuned!!!

Who do you want to see in the 2014 FIBA WORLD CUP FINALS?

Chris Bongolan

Megacity Basketball Inc.

Battle of the Best - The North’s Trevor Mann and Sky Hawks’ Nick Macera.



By Chris Bongolan

We at Megacity Basketball want to give a shout out this long weekend to all the players in the league that we have classified as the “leaders” within all divisions in the league. 

The definition describes a leader as someone who commands or leads a group. When connecting it with basketball we feel that a leader is someone that can inspire his teammates by his own play or one that can provide direction for the better of the team or in a perfect world a great leader can both. 

In Megacity, we have seen a lot of players display these qualities and we would like to give recognition to our #MBleaders, as it is very rare and definitely something that should be acknowledged. 

With that being said, here is our list of the top leaders across the league.

Duncan, SWAT
Morris, SWAT
Terejko, JNA
Zemer, JNA
Guada,  Stealth
Gooding, Stealth
Dodi,  Northside
B. Mitchell,  Fully Loaded

Wynter, Fully Loaded

Adu-Basowah, Fully Loaded

Macera, Sky Hawks
Weyrauch, Sky Hawks
Carter, Apocalypse
Bewley, Apocalypse
T’MANN, The North
Halpern, The North
Grossman, The North
J. Williamson, Dream Team
Penola, Dream Team
Danso, The Warriors
Watson, Bench Mob
Tiangco,  Bench Mob
C.Pacis,  Bench Mob
G. Lalatta, Monarchs
N. Cruz, Jets
Sobrepena,  BOOM
Pascual Jr. , Tropic Thunder
Valmadrid, The City
Bowden, The City
Stauskas,  The City
Ebanks, Hangout
Augustine, Hangout
Landricho, Hangout
Minatel, Uptown Ballers
Tungol,  Trojans
Harris,  Wolves

One of the greatest NBA leaders in Magic Johnson once said ” It always goes back to something I learned in basketball. There’s winning and there’s losing, and in life you have to know they both will happen. But what’s never been acceptable to me is quitting.”

All the players above possess and exemplify this inspiring quote every time they step on the court. So from Megacity Basketball to all our #MBLeaders , thank you for giving us the opportunity to witness leadership and inspiring basketball on a nightly basis.

Chris Bongolan
Megacity Basketball Inc. 

Ryan Angeles, an original MB player from 2009 will make his return to Megacity after taking 4 1/2 years off. Angeles a former Shark will be playing in the Rec 30+ Mill Street Brewery League on Sundays at Harbourfront CC. Welcome back Ryan! See you on the court!

Ryan Angeles, an original MB player from 2009 will make his return to Megacity after taking 4 1/2 years off. Angeles a former Shark will be playing in the Rec 30+ Mill Street Brewery League on Sundays at Harbourfront CC. Welcome back Ryan! See you on the court!